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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

uh oh poor doctor

So the reporters flooded Johor Specialist Hospital after I tomorrow-ed myself regarding G's mother's case. Apparently this story was featured today in one of the newspapers in Malaysia.

The hospital is now threatening to suspend the attending surgeon for G's mom. The doctor called G to apologise, and then called my Dad to apologise, and to ask him to tell me to take down my article from the internet.

If they do suspend that doctor, the management probably has to suspend themselves too. A problem like this should not have to be one doctor's fault, but really it is about the basic management infrastructure of the organisation, in this case, a hospital. The workflows and SOPs are seriously flawed for such mistakes to have happened.

By the way, G's mom's operation was a success, finally. At least she didn't die. We shouldn't have to wait for another wrongful death for JSH to wake up their idea.