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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

LOL@ Johor Specialist Hospital

My parents brought me this story from across the causeway:

Their friend, whom we shall call G, had to admit his mother into Johor Specialist Hospital (JSH) for a major operation to her knees for acute arthritis. This involved putting her under anaesthesia, which meant fasting from food and drink before the operation. The operation was due to be held on the Monday just past, and costs an estimated RM$40,000 thereabout.

To facilitate the operation, G's mother, who is about 62 years of age, checked into JSH on Sunday night, so that her condition could be monitored while she fasted.

On Monday morning, the anaesthetist administered general anaesthesia and G's mother was wheeled into the operation theatre.

The operation was however, called off before she entered the OT.

"Sorry, the surgical knife has not yet arrived from Kuala Lumpur."

Yeah, that's a real deal-breaker ain't it. So the whole family took leave from work on Monday, was prepared to pay astronomical amounts for the surgery - forty grand IS a lot - and G's mother had to endure fasting and anaesthesia for the sake of... nothing.

The operation is due to be held tomorrow. Let's hope they don't run out of, say, oxygen, halfway through the surgery. Or the wrong knives were sent over from KL or similar.

This is not the first lol@JSH that has occurred. Three years back, my Dad's friend, who is younger than me, met with a motorcycle accident. He went into a coma, suffering a major blood clot in his brain at the back of his head.

He was admitted to JSH, warded in the ICU for three nights. Subsequently, he died.

They did nothing during this period of time, really. Just left the blood in the brain; no drilling was done to clear the clot, nothing.

So, he died. And the family was billed RM$16,000 for the three nights of ICU.