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Monday, September 26, 2016

Since I've been home

Reading is one of the few little things I've managed since I came home. I am slow to using it as a source for reading material: in the past month or so I have been spending a lot of time on Medium. It is to me, Tumblr for adults, Instagram but with words. Crowdsourced content-writing will of course, be littered with grammatical errors in many articles at the very least, but I get used to it if I like the ideas being conveyed.

It has been hard to get a structured routine going now that I'm home, and I still am not able to do every daily activity I need to do. It is tiring even for me to go to the bathroom, especially when I got a fibro pain flare when I first returned home. Recovery is much more of a full-time job than I first thought.

I managed to start journalling again, prompted by the delivery of my new notebooks and bottle of black ink. You might notice that, like online reading, it can also be done while lying in bed! It is something I've always justified - anything done supine is fine. But it is even truer now, because for me to get up and ambulate around the house is a hassle, and needs to be done with safety awareness in mind. So a lot of what I need are by my bedside. 

I've needed a lot of sleep since I came home. The longest stretch was 22 hours of sleep where we only woke up to eat and use the bathroom. Hospitalisation for a long-term seems to be very tiring. I am still tired, albeit less so after that 22 hour-long sleep (yes, it helped).

Up till today, I still can't complete a single day's list of exercises. I keep trying, and failing, and just keep trying again the next day. Almost all of my daily exercises are doable in bed, save for a few which need me to sit up or stand. Yet I still haven't achieved it all. It doesn't make me any less, and I guess that is what I have to remember.

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