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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Is it too late for me to have a spiritual revelation?

My thoughts are dwelling on something I recently heard. I can't recall it word for word so I shall paraphrase. "If you strip away all that is superficial you will find at your core that this, this thing is what you wanted to do all along."

Will I find LKP at that core of me, in the present vector: right now, right here? I am unsure now. It has become plain that working on LKP reached tipping point for me. Recovery and self-care are, and should be henceforth, my focuses now. It will then leave little time for anything else.

But I still see it: the roaring fire that is our cat rescue work. It is part of me. When I peel away layers of me to expose my core, this fire is visible there. Yet the fire also reminds me of how drained I am inside from doing cat work. The flames keep licking, illuminating the darkness, but the fuel - it ain't me anymore.

I won't dwell on this any longer now that I have put the thoughts into written word.

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