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Saturday, November 21, 2015

dimalam pakai bicycle pergi kerja? (tak boleh tidur)

I woke up at 1am. Started again on improving the notebook experience on the new tablet phone J got me for my 36th birthday.

(I also did my daily Gratitude Journalling).

Wrote the Big 5s of Saturday -and- Sunday and suddenly, an urge to go into cattery to work, where my laptop is now. I came here to write so I can mull over such a rash decision.

Nak pergi kerja, tak pergi kerja?


I could feed the cats that missed one medication and because of me.

I might even be pain free enough to cycle there. Haven't cycled in a while, am getting fatter and I need to clock cardio for fibro management.

I'm in the tail end of a pain flare though, .'twas 5-7/10. I am not sure the flare has broken after my night meds and supposed sleep.

Maybe I'm just having a mild manic behavioural state.