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Friday, December 06, 2013

annoying fatigue that annoys me and everyone else.

Every time I think about writing, I think about writing on how tired I am feeling. It is like a cheap refrain that goes on in my head, that I feel, cyclically, through to my bones.

Fatigue and perpetually feeling physically ill - the most annoying symptom of clinical depression for me, at this time.

There is so much work to do! Can you feel my annoyance through this screen, how much I want to do things, accomplish much, build, but am infirmed and cannot be all that?

Tired refrain is that annoyance, like that old man who is egged on by his physiotherapist to get up, grab the rails and walk, but cannot, falls, and goes into a fit of rage about wanting to give it all up.

I am not giving up though.

Because, Fine! Let it be so that I am weaker than most in my strength, but I shall do what I can anyway, and perhaps finally leave this frustration aside.

Fuck this exhaustion.

(In more ways than one.)