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Sunday, February 10, 2013

for Romanticism, humanity

Crank me up
but hear nothing.


as a cassette tape were
to be in a digital world

Do I sound like silence?
Insofar as the universe is.


Capture me
on silver, black and white
Create permanence
out of transience.

But that is all.


We explain, solve
and today, more, opine
but forget to
feel --
her blood through your veins
her heart in your ribcage.

(Regression is far worse
than transgression.)

In becoming feminist
we became masculine.

Make art, but more Romantic
Display the grotesque
Intersect on countenance
Animate pain bloodily
So that we feel again
Beyond photos, news
and opinions.

Her pain must be felt.
Crank the people up
Hear the injustice
And see the world
As it is.

Alleviate her pain
so that you feel it too.
For there is no happiness
But the absence of sorrow.