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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


If I were to stop repressing every thought and emotion I don't like, chaos would ensue. People will get hurt, tears will flow, hearts will break. And so I retain my most steely front for all of you until I am taken over, reason and all.

Should it be that repression is really a way of life, taken in moderation? I don't do moderation; I am an all or nothing girl.

And, while repression is taking place, what of for the other emotions and needs? Emotions that can be articulated are silenced. But those that have no form to be silenced in go on, grow on. Hunger and lust for example ─ cannot truly be articulated beyond being satisfied.

It therefore follows that repression leads to the pursuit of base desires. If they be met, what would happen?

I know not yet.

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