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Sunday, December 30, 2012

out of place but not out of count; Twitter and its beautiful people

It baffles me how I am so much less worldly-wise than them yet I feel like I fit in. I am not on par; they are smarter than I am. I do not 'get' witty remarks because I am not that witty. But they just aren't arrogant enough to make me feel small and thus out of count.

In other social circles I am the smart one. I know what others don't. I can pitch in on intelligent topics of conversation. I am all-convincing. Impressive to the point of charmingly attractive.

Not anymore, now that I have met my matches - plural - in real life. (Yes, it IS real life). It is as if I was given membership of an exclusive club, one whose members I feel are my match and above. But I did not have to get sworn in or go through an initiation to be a member of this club. It is exclusive and yet so inclusive!

All I did was follow the right people on Twitter, and somehow they followed me back. Echo chamber of the highest value and without a whiff of arrogance within, as is usual in circles of theorists that are too full of themselves.

Yes, apart from being devillishly clever these people are also folks of character. There are very tolerable levels of passive-aggressiveness, one-upmanship, and general condescension. There is no exclusiveness to the point no one new can penetrate the circle.

What did I do to be welcome, even associated with people of such nobility? Very little; I am just myself, authentic. Thankful then, my real self is acceptable.

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