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Friday, November 02, 2012

#nablopomo two of thirty

Days have past since my mention of my mood journalling assignment and, I have not started it.

Apart from wondering if I should write it, type it, present it as a spreadsheet - no clue which yet - it is also hard to record a mood after it descends and you recover. Wait too long you forget, during the episode you may be too broken up to even breathe proper, let alone wield a pen or tablet. Writing is cathartic but painful and tiring, sometimes, there is no good time to broach a subject.

Also, this kind of journalling feels like record-keeping not unlike writing a timesheet or checking inventory. To prevent it from feeling like so, writing it would be the best move, in my notebook. And then maybe take a photo and send it to my doctor! Hmm, combine it with hashtagged tweeting perhaps?

Well, my doctor, Marcus, is really trying his best to help me, and earnest about it. I don't want to let him down. He won't blame me of course, but my words will open me up to him. I am a labyrinth of confounding thoughts, which I find hard to say even after my years on Twitter trying to become an open book. I have learned to, but it is not easy.

Will keep trying. Thank you for reading me.

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