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Saturday, November 03, 2012

#nablopomo three of thirty

Every now and then I think of you, an insignia of lost lovers. You are gorgeous, absolutely. But what I love of you, is not you. It is all that you represent: a hope for serendipity again, an aching for one more chance, a void that can only be filled by that one lost lover.

Even then, as an insignia, you are beautiful in your own form. I want to take in your beauty, as far and as deeply as it can go. I cannot contain all of you but I want to try. A taste, a parting of lips, breathing you in. Touching you where it matters, with my tongue, because you are as delectable as you are beautiful.

- Those words above, formed because of you. You perhaps might also become my muse, if I ever have that honour. I promise you a lifetime of fighting over creativity and ideas and design and art, ending perhaps in tears, or in communal couch hogging with happy smiles on our faces.

That, I miss, of that one lost lover, and you remind me of that. Insignia of lost lovers, you fold space and time: taking the past to recreate the present, for me; creating a new love, inspired by the old ones. A swap from what-could-have-been, to what-could-be.

I am still waiting, what could be. Thanks for the kisses.