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Sunday, November 04, 2012

#nablopomo four of thirty

Sleep is being a cunt-tease. So I load up on overdoses of sedative pills to try and lure the bastard to knock me out for at least eight or nine hours straight. No can do, he only lasts for three hours at a stretch. Then I have to spam pills all over again.

What I feel: anger. I. Just. Want. To. Sleep. Not nap! Sleep!

I also feel depressed when I cannot sleep; last night I literally cried myself to sleep. Cunt-tease took pity on me and gave me about four hours. Especially because I really wanted to be made love to so I could sleep, and be less lonely, but it didn't happened. I felt more abandoned than ever, and the tears came even harder. I dealt with two cunt-teases last night.

Think I will crank up the dose of x*nax tonight. It is the worse thing to sleep to because I wake weirded out, disoriented physically and mentally. But for the sake of subduing the bastard. Let's see who wins tonight.

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