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Monday, June 04, 2012

avalon does erotica: that handsome stranger

He did all the right things to make me wet. By now, he was at my lips - the lower ones - letting his tongue do the work. His beard bristled against my perineum just as his tongue found my G-spot, and I never came as hard and as totally as I have with a stranger.

We then kissed, his mouth masculine yet soft, his moustache moist with my cum. I was still shivering in orgasm. He ran his hands over my breasts such featherlike in manner that I almost came again.

I really needed to take control by this time, mustn't let a handsome stranger turn me to mush and have the upper hand. I forcibly got him to lie on his back, removed his boxers and proceeded to deep-throat him. He let out an audible moan. I wet my finger and stroked his balls. What I wanted was for him to moan in pleasure. This I wanted so badly from this stranger.

He then looked down at me, hovering at his crotch, and whispered, "I want to pleasure you. Now." I let his cock flip out of my mouth, knowing yet again I was to be overcome. I slipped a condom over his wet dick, and let him climb atop me.

Holding on to his loins as he pushed into me, I felt like I was entering a new world. He fucked me hard, and I came in a way I almost never do with any other man.

I loved his body. Lithe, yet not too athletic. A normal man. But an extraordinary lover.