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Saturday, October 15, 2011


You count yourself imperfect,
Immensely flawed
Heartless, even

When that is the net result
Of caring too much -
Then a breakdown

She sends u princess cards
Didn't give you time
To cover your tracks

She said, "Here boy,
Here are your -
Ball and your jacks."

Is that the sum of your loves?
Springsteen's For You?
I'm the Cheshire smile -

Too - but I know you,
Even if you don't
For you -

Are amazing, regardless
More in your heart -
Than resources can give

Be contrite, but stand tall
As you are physically
For your heart

Is a treasure trove, that
I want to discover
And comfort bits of

That is how special you are.
For you - I will
With my Cheshire smile