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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One of the could-have-beens

He was too young; I was too young. Five years' difference meant a lot at that age. We were in different places, but our heartstrings strummed as one.

Then, he moved to one end of the continuum, and I the other, as the years went by. I was never single for long, and we were also too different by then.

Now I look back and wonder if we had met five years later, or extended our friendship by five years, would it have made a difference?

"If you were five years older would you date me?"

He had nodded enthusiastically, while holding my umbrella for me in the rain, like a gentleman.

He nearly ruined one of my relationships later down the years, because we remained close.

But it would never have worked five years down the road, you were meant for that path, and I for this. I wish you well and I know you will be happy - if only I could tell you this in person.