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Monday, May 09, 2011


Scorched by the sun
That takes away darkness
My veil -
Shrouds me,
knows me intimately
For we are alike.

Sunlight, piercing
Taking away joy
of solitude and quiet
that is night,
that is escape
from pain that is life.

When I choose death
I will enjoy one last night
- before a dreaded sunrise
Let the sun
Catalyse my departure
From pain exposed.

Everything hurts -
More in the sun.
It quickens death
Brings dread as it rises
Makes for insecurity
and lamentation

You magnify my pain
brought it forward
into another dreaded day
I want to escape underground
from you.

You bleed me dry,
make me raw
naked, alone, in pain
I feel my skin,
crawl as you kill me
till dust alone remains.