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Monday, May 30, 2011

Do you ever?

Do you ever feel that the spoken word, exchanged between lovers-to-be, or deeply bonded friends, have become replaced with written - no, typed - words through online communication mediums?

Right as I am about to try my darnedest best sometimes to sleep, I long for a phone conversation. Even Skype will suffice. A conversation that reveals. A conversation in hushed husky tones because it is late. A conversation that ends with "Goodnight," that is for real.

I live with my lover so J and I don't have that kind of phonecalls any more. My friends are also no longer nightlifers like we were in our youth, that I can chat with at 2 a.m. awake and lucidly.

Also, the phone rings nowadays are usually always work related. Volunteer work related. It has been a long time a phone was just a phone, a means of connecting with someone not physically near you, through spoken words, sharing vulnerabilities, stories, histories, secrets, comfort.

To ease my need for a phone conversation with someone I would want to talk to, I write here instead. Sometimes I feel that I write because I have no one who would be able to listen to me talk. This is my panacea.

Call me.