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Saturday, October 23, 2010

bigotry, bias and burning

I don't consider myself to be a bigot. The only hatred that I outright express is of certain foreigners in the country who are marring the fabric of our Singaporean society. And I don't agree that expressing my own political opinions to be a form bigotry in any way. I tolerate differences in general pretty well.

However I do feel certain prejudices which I do not write about. I call them prejudices because that would be the politically apt term to use if I should express them, but personally I find myself to be right and that what I feel is the truth! But that's what prejudiced people think anyway.

I have little tolerance for religion. To disclaim upfront, there are extremists who use the name of religion in defence of obviously wrong actions and agendas, so no religion is spared. Am not talking about extremists here anyway.

Every single religion is flawed.

I don't consider myself to be a religious person because to me Christianity is not a religion. In fact, the Bible condemns religious people.

So, here is what I think, and writing these words now officially make me a prejudiced person.

I abhor religions that make people scared of things. Living in fear is no way to live and if your faith makes you scared of ghosts and shit, I think it is a major failure.

I abhor religions that requires you to kill animals for no reason or cause air pollution.

I abhor religions that defy human rationale to the point of senselessness - God gave you that brain didn't he? Reason and rational thinking came with it, do use it alongside faith. Take for example - if you are sick, see a doctor.

Here are some outright personal prejudices.

I abhor religions that have statues of any kind. They seriously creep me out. I hate them. They are creepy. They are not reminders. They are senseless enactments of faith that is bigger than the bloody statue. In this aspect I am glad Christians do things like smash statues when someone converts from a religion that has statues involved.

I abhor religions that make celibacy or fasting from human needs into an elevated position that makes everyone else pariahs. I think life on earth is meant for enjoyment. Making others feel like shit because we enjoy our lives is not cool at all. Fasting and celibacy is fine if you want to do it, just don't make others feel like shit for not doing so. Also do not attempt it over a long period of time if you obviously still feel like doing stuff. It makes you lot into repressed, sex-crazy hypocrites.

There, I have said it. Better in than out. I still love all human beings, even if you fall into the above categories. It doesn't matter either way, really. Now, if you can: try not to burn things. It is really quite inconsiderate. The PSI is very high. The world is heating up. Et cetera.