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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it's taking over

I found myself today working the whole day, till now. Volunteer work that is. I clocked the hours. It really was a full day. It just ending now, with breaks albeit in between. I haven't even eaten my dinner.

I realised this was becoming a trend, growing pains in our charity - and I only look to grow in this area - that more and more things need to be done just to build it big.

I dream big, so slowing down on the charity front is not an option for me. My heart is for the NGO, NPO industry, for charitable causes, for managing resources to make a humane difference. There is no turning back, only going forward and keep building on what has been built.

The thing is, I enjoy it. I enjoy every part of my voluntary job. My workaholic self rears its head when it comes to this job and truly, voluntarily. It's passion and ambition that drives this workaholism, not an endowed sense of slavery.

But it isn't going to work if I keep going on like this.

So, I have to put on my entrepreneurship hat again, coupled with my experience with social enterprise, to find a bloody solution to my career.