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Thursday, September 16, 2010

charity begins at home

My Dad said to me before, about my dreams to work for charitable causes, that, "Charity begins at home." He meant that if I was not well, if I could not take care of myself, I could not care for others properly.

Right now my drive to do more is waned by my inability to do more of my charity work. Inside me is all systems go, but my body betrays. It falls sick, it sends off breakdowns in my synapses and central nervous system.

I am getting quite frustrated at my constant inability to work. Even real work which pays, I can't be well enough to do. I have no idea but to keep going, and resting along the way.

I want to bang out my frustrations on this keyboard but I am having a headache at the moment and too tired to do so. That is how weak I am, that I cannot even mouth off my tempestuous feelings of frustration.

I am a charity case myself.

But I will keep on going on.