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Friday, August 27, 2010


The year that SARS hit the world, and I went through the hardest financial difficulty I could imagine, walking the streets with an empty stomach, developing gastritis for the first time yet unable to pay the doctor because I was so broke.

The year I read Lord of the Rings, and it resonated because the world seemed literally really dark.

The year Leslie Cheung committed suicide, and made the world seem bleaker. The song θΏ½ was revived in our memories.

The year I joined an industry I totally hated because of the IT and finance involved, and developed a sickly pallor because it was where money lived and people died.

The year I developed adult asthma.

The year I fainted and was brought to hospital because of asthma, which I didn't know I had then.

The year I got conned by a small business who didn't pay me for one month of hard work.

The year I sat in the MRT train unknowingly for more than 2 hours, dazed, unsure where to go.

The year someone stole my chequebook and forged my signature to cash it. 

The year I broke up with who was then the love of my life, H and took the longest time it ever cost me to get over someone.

The year I started this blog.