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Saturday, May 15, 2010
Writing about my life is nothing glorious, but I have been doing for a long time, on this blog for the past seven years, on paper even longer. Right now I am writing because I can't, for the nth number of nights in a row, get to sleep despite my medication. I am sleepy yet awake, sheer discomfort that is.

Just those two lines, a preface to an attempt to produce coherent lyrical words, douses my insomnia somewhat already. But, a preface to what? There is nothing to produce words about.

What I would rather do right now is play the piano but I don't have one. I have been playing my guitar madly, figuring out the chords to songs I can sing to, but my playing has not improved much.

I am now going to try and drown myself to sleepiness by playing more Sudoku. Goodnight world.