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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ginger tea

A numb buzz.
Flitting heavily
About, without
The rounds are spent.

I wake asleep.
Creaminess rouses
in coffee and cigs -
meds in between -
I trudge, daily.

Chores, them all.
Damn life, damn all
milestones, blah,
Things that make sense -

Perhaps, - else:
Others, newness,
ginger tea like,
unceasing, or,
Anything to enjoy the day,

This dreadful day,
as are all others
the sun should stay
away from me,
make peace with death.

More tea perhaps,
a panacea, as is
alcohol, but
I've med up, so no
Just ginger tea now -

To settle my nerves
stomach and heart
to add spice to the - day-
and life to the dark.
Will put the kettle on.