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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

too much work

Almost everyone complains of too much work and too little money. To solve the money problem, work more, right? But I can't.

I found myself feeling half-dead yesterday evening after just teaching one lesson, which solves the dilemma - better to have not too much work and very little money, than to have to work more and die horribly.

I went to bed at about 8pm. Wanted to sleep till it was next day noon, but ended up waking in the middle of the night. It must be the Panadol Extra with all that caffeine inside. And now, early morning, I am still stone cold awake from those pills.

I felt so exhausted yesterday after teaching that I literally felt I was going to die. In the middle of the night when I awoke I coughed myself like mad because the haze was getting in the house. I felt my lungs collapsing, until I sealed up the whole house closing all the windows. And I still have the dizzy-headache I had last night which made me go to bed right after dinner. I want to fall asleep again soon to sleep away the dizziness.

Too much work? I am just weak.