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Sunday, February 28, 2010

morning trinity

Today I am going bravely towards the throngs of people that is church. Not the one that my pastor is in but another, more spacious one that is also within cycling distance.

Somehow a mix of events brought me to this morning of resolution. I woke up early because I was so exhausted yesterday that I slept early. I woke up early also because we have a foster dog with us, and she was with us in bed, and I woke up because of her. Even earlier than last night, I met a prospective tenant that somehow reminded us that we should try making it through the church doors once again.

Strangely I don't feel that much of a panic as I would feel if I were to even consider going to the other church which my paranoid self sees as Mecca during pilgrimage time - someone will surely get trampled over (me) and a fire may break out and likely everyone will be trapped within and die of smoke-inhalation. That is me. And yes, I still fear trains and haven't been on the MRT in a long time as well. I still sanitise my hands after pressing the lift buttons in the hospital whenever I go for my check-ups.

But today, everything comes together like a mini Big Bang Theory and I will be cycling to Trinity church at Paya Lebar. I will med-up. I will be there. I will enjoy the spaciousness of the place and the friendly anonymity. Thank you God.