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Monday, January 11, 2010

got us a pair

Being in the requisite cheesy mood that the upcoming wedding of the BFF has cast on me, I am glad to announce that J and I bought a pair of gifts for ourselves, as a 'couple'. Something like a pair of wedding rings, only much more practical.

J bought us both bicycles. Nothing overly fancy, costing about $190 each, 18-speed mountain bikes with aluminium frames. I haven't cycled in a really long time, about over a year. Our bikes are matching, and we took our first mini-expedition around Ubi tonight on our bikes.

J is officially the first man in my life I am committing to exercising together with. Big step! Thankfully, our interest concerning sporting activities are similar. He doesn't do ball games and neither do I. He finds running boring. My knees hurt when I run. We like swimming but I assert that I am too fat to swim now, so that's another dead end. Eventually we decided on bicycles. He likes skate scooters too and I think they are indeed fun, but I think that spending $300+ on an adult skate scooter is a tad extreme.

I have to say, cycling is very tedious and dangerous for a fat girl. I am no longer able to lean forward as much, to increase my aerodynamism and to lower my centre of gravity. This makes me slow and unsteady. I also have a phobia of riding on pavements, something which I personally hate of cyclists who do. (In fact, one of my local heroines is an old lady who uses her umbrella to whack cyclists who ride on pavements. I want to do the same, but I have to wait a long time before I can carry it off with senior-citizen licentiousness.) Also, being fat means I cannot twist around my upper body much to look peripherally for oncoming traffic. Being fat is a severe handicap.

Looks like I really have to re-start my exercise regimen again, after stopping for so long my exercise mat is collecting dust. Onward we go! And I also really ought to get a side-view mirror for my bike...