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Friday, November 13, 2009

God's gift

The most amazing thing happened yesterday.

Our friend Jag, an old gaming friend whose kids I was teaching once, called and said he had something for me. We haven't spoken in awhile. He said he had a gift for me and he was bringing it over, last night.

He arrived with a surprise, and a story. Jag and his wife do this together, buying a gift for someone every month. But to know who and what, the both of them pray together for God to show them an item and a person, and then they will go on that instinct.

Jag brought a computer to my house.

I asked him if he knew what had happened to our old computer and our current computer travails, from any one. He said no he hadn't spoken to anyone about me recently regarding computers.

All he knew was that two days ago, God showed them a computer. And this morning, He showed them it was me. They just went ahead and bought one.

After I told him what happened to my old computer, he understood why God told him to do what he did.

J fixed up the computer last night.

And I am back on my own computer at last.