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Sunday, November 15, 2009

birthday gifts

I have been quietly busy putting away a mental list of things I want to buy for my own upcoming thirtieth.

So far I have bought Victoria's Secret, and will be buying Clinique and Ettusais, and a new Ikea chair for my room. I also need to restock my essential oils collection, and I would like to buy something for my cats too.

I think that for the past years I have never used any birthday ang pows for anything gift-like; it was always spent on necessities and bills. I like spending on myself, I actually remember it better. I remember I spent my twenty-fourth birthday having a turkey cranberry sandwich at O'Brien's after work that night. I remember it because I was alone and that was what I bought myself for my own birthday.

This year is the first time I actually itemised what I am going to get myself for my birthday.

The money came from my parents. They also paid off my credit card debt for me and they will be paying off my mortgage arrears this month. I will soon be debt-free. And that is another great gift.