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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Every single time lately when I want to write on worldsuponwords all I can think of is how tired I am. I have been slacking off in the housework department because of my teaching and my volunteer work. And every evening after I finish teaching I am always exhausted.

So exhausted am I right now that I am actually exhausted from being exhausted. I have imbibed all the possible sleep-inducing meds I have and have lavender oil diffusing the air in the room. I have sentimental tunes airing on my speakers. The light in the room is dimmed. I am still awake even though I desperately want to sleep.

I think I was - and still am - too tense for the medicines to tranquilise me to sleep. The pills only gave me enough tranquil to be less grumpy from tiredness. I feel placid now. Just not sleepy enough to fall totally asleep. How frustrating is that?