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Saturday, October 17, 2009

forums,1337speak, online communities and real life

It has been rather interesting to follow the thread on Hardwarezone forums regarding the dogs that went through the PRC boy's hands. The justice served by the public is way more lethal than that of the any legal system, as I have said before. Also, writing on the EDMW forum has revived the use of my written Singlish and general l33tspeak used in local online communication. Because I am not gaming anymore I haven't typed so much net-speak for a long time now.

Speaking of gaming, I don't think I can return to WoW anymore as Averlorn, because I cannot seem to ever be able to log into my account again. Plus it is becoming an endless cycle of expansion after expansion, I don't think I can keep up. Ever since J and I got busy with our lives we just never got the urge again to play WoW again either. I do miss being called Abba, and my guildies, a lot. In fact I miss a lot of my friends, I am just not really feeling that sociable yet - does it make sense?

I know my social circle right now is still small, be it real life or online, because I am still not ready to face my whole world again. I still hate Facebook and cannot find the energy to log onto MSN; I am also not motivated to reinstate my mobile phone yet. Yes I am still a hermit. It is not easy trying to regain old friends while trying to focus on healthy activities in life as well as solve daily problems. My current plate is rather full and I only hope I can sustain it, else I will break down again like I did in June all the way to August.

Like my doctor says, anything I enjoy doing I will find the energy to do. So you may see me everywhere sometimes, or not at all - I work based on what my natural enjoyment level takes me to do. Now you see me now you don't. I know it makes for frustration be it whether you are a friend or a blog reader. For now, it is working just fine, and hopefully, as it goes along this trajectory, I will be reducing my medication soon, at last.