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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

6 a.m. and on edge

I suddenly woke up at six in the morning, from a technicolor dream, and heat, because somehow the air-con got turned off.

Yesterday was gruelling with that many things on my mind, and more. I finally paid my Singtel bills. And my handphone should be reinstated by the time I turn it on today. I shudder at the amount of SMSes I have to clear. I have to make the phone silent first I guess.

And having had to settle all my outstanding Singtel stuff, I postponed my teaching to Wednesday.

A lot of other things happened: I had to counsel one of my students over the phone. I had lots to blog on my cat blog. I went to help my friend at the pet shop. I had to write in to UOB regarding my credit card. I felt exhausted and on-edge, right from the times my house phone kept ringing off the hook, and thereafter, at Parkway when we went to Singtel which knn doesn't do billing, even though the person I spoke to on the phone said I had to go to a Singtel shop to do it.

After coming home J and I redid our finances and now I am agonising how to chip in my share of the family expenses. I need to work more but I don't know how my body will be able to take it, and let alone find the extra comfortable time to do it. I am already stressed as it is. On edge, on edge, on edge.