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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

screw networking

I hate Facebook and only use it as one of my internet means to rehome rescued animals like Vietnam. (I hope someone calls about him soon; he is now almost everywhere on the internet.) Facebook is bloody irritating, so many pictures of people whom you may or may not care about. Too many things going on. I get disoriented. I just want to live my own quiet life, it makes me happier.

Which is why I am reluctant to reinstate my handphone. I hate SMSes and every beep the phone makes gives me stress. Eventually I will have to reinstate it; I fear the beeping it will make once it is reactivated.

To find me, just call me at home, or email me.

I don't want to open my letterbox because it is too full for me to sift through every bill that I probably cannot pay at this point.

In case you worry I might become a hermit once and for all, I am going to log on MSN.

And I do meet people, just a small select group of students, neighbours and loved ones. And my doctor once in a couple of weeks. That is enough for now.