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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Vietnam feels like God's gift to me; dog, a man's best friend.

Yet I feel stressed out, busying myself trying to find him a new home. Making sure my cats are okay even though they hate Vietnam.

Over the weekend I felt helpless about him, wishing we could give him a good home. Staring into his lonely eyes I felt lonely too, on his behalf. His eyes were teary when he first came. Mine were teary too. Sometimes Vietnam lies down on the floor and sighs. I wonder what he sighs about.

Yet he refuses to leave us to go back to his old 'home'. He is through and through a man's best friend, not wanting to be without loving companionship.

I am trying all means and ways on the net to try and re-home him. I need your help too. Please spread the word. When he finally finds a good home, I can then heave a sigh of relief. Until then, I am too stressed out to do anything else.

Find one, save one.

Like my father said once before about our previous dog, "Kao mm si lang ah?" (loosely translated to "Dog is also human" from Hokkien).