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Monday, May 18, 2009

to buy, to shop

I have a craving to go out shopping. I would like to buy a nice new water bowl for the cats (the current one often spills over because the base is not flat). I would like to go to Ikea to buy something for my mom and to stock up on candles. I would like to go to Page One even though I recently already shopped at Basheer (bought a fabulous pictorial book on the artists I usually teach, only $22.50). I need to stock up on more art materials for my students, they go through them really fast. I have run out of cleansing oil for my face, such that washing my mascara off now hurts my eyes without it. I need to buy a new electric kettle.

But I am too sedentary, too poor and unable to make simple decisions. So, I will just stay home and type...