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Thursday, May 14, 2009


It has been a long while since I touched WoW, and I do miss it. But I have been unable to play because of the following reasons:

1. Because I have very little income and cannot support my WoW subscription
2. Because we have been very busy with our cats, as well as strays and abandoned kitties
3. Because I have been busy teaching
4. Because I have been busy I have to rest a lot more to recuperate
5. Because J is also no longer playing and in fact sold his account to a friend
6. Because I have also upped my commitment level to my other hobbies: reading, Scrabble, painting
7. Because I am often sick with something - allergies, panic attacks, UTI, etc.

The thing is, I miss the social aspect of it more than actually playing. Although it is fun to unleash my prowess and abilities on mobs and other players too. Maybe when finances get better I will start playing again, casually this time.