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Thursday, May 28, 2009

inertia and momentum

I just finished typing the first of Enid's art history books and am feeling a little lost at sea. Starting on the second has not really helped so far. I feel disjointed because I have been typing in a frenzy and momentum has built up within me for productive things. I feel like I should go out but I should also save money. Yet I have no mood to do things at home such as cooking or cleaning.

I just bought a piece of cardboard on which I would like to paint a bigger picture, about 2 feet by 2 feet. At present I have not yet visualised what I will eventually paint on it. I also have a lack of space, and my easel is in Indonesia. I will also need some new brushes, a few large ones, preferably a flat one and a filbert. Perhaps I might paint it in mixed media, which means I would need to get glue and texture gel.

Maybe I ought to head to Bras Basah today. It would be therapeutic to buy my art materials, browse at Basheer. My only worry is that I would be spending money that should be saved for emergencies. I guess I had better not, I need to see the doctor tomorrow.

I could just shower, and read and snack in bed for the rest of the afternoon. It would be just as therapeutic as shopping.