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Thursday, April 16, 2009

what I have been up to

For some reason I have been rather busy. I now have to teach up to 5 days a week, sharing my time between 2 secondary students, and 2 families of children whom I teach art to. It has been exhausting.

Which is why apart from teaching, I have been resting. My stamina is horrendously low: a half day of teaching and I have to rest at least the next whole day. If it is a morning, I end up needing to sleep (or try to) for the rest of the day leading up to the next afternoon. I sometimes get so tired I can hardly make myself a cup of coffee.

Also, with our new kitten, there seems to be more to do. Sayang is very attention-seeking, and needs to be cuddled and played with often.

We got Sayang from the pet shop near our place, Angels Pet Shop. The owner Aswat found Sayang the kitten half-dead, sick, alone without her mother, near a coffeeshop in the area. He brought her back to his shop, and to the vet, and told us about her. Our hearts melted when we saw her, and took her home. We have been spending a lot of time at the pet shop after our nightly dinners downstairs, playing with the current batch of abandoned kittens he is trying to find homes for. There is another kitten exactly like Sayang, black and white, and still homeless.

We have also been doing what J calls our Ubi Kuching Project, taking walks around the neighbourhood, looking for cats to feed and play with. Most of the cats around the area are well taken care of, but we found one cat (a likely sibling of Slinky) we call Spotty, who was sick. Her eyes were swollen, and she was coughing and sneezing and listless. We took her home (much to the consternation of our two cats) and nursed her back to health before returning her to her spot downstairs the next day. Spotty is now much better. Doing these things keep us busy most nights.

Which means we haven't really been gaming. Being busy, tired, sick, and occupied with kittens and cats pretty much take up all my time and energy. I end up wanting to do extremely solitary and therapeutic things when I do have the time, like painting and reading. Or spending time with my cats. Or even watching tv! I have truly changed, I actually hate tv. Sayang on the other hand, seems intrigued by the tv; she often sits in front of the screen and watches it curiously.

For today, I will be nursing my flu (developed since yesterday morning), admiring my cats, reading, possibly painting, and having dinner and other neighbourhood activities in the evening with J.