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Thursday, February 26, 2009

collection of poems written while I was not online


get high -
pills and malt whiskey
sleep unto oblivion
save death
death: cul-de-sac
: a gridlock
for I cannot choose it
even while pain consumes me
dessicates me
inside out
get painless -
at least this put
a mild smile on me.
get high or die

oblivion. pain. death

Wonderless words

I fill these pages
with wonderless words
activated by my pain
I have no control over.
(genius has no owner)

I want to pen my pain away
as if creating an
- antidote
for the cryptic suffering
manifested, emanated
through my body of ashes

Immortalise me, with
my wonderless words
Death is the greater relief
and this is the proof.


Fire to phoenix
sadness to life
pain to revelation
death - to release.

I am a failed ambition

Trapped - in myself
in having to live
despite - this -

'Release my spirit'
or take away my pain

The price of living in a city

The work must go on
Drilling, hacking, dust creation
I am awakened by the noise
I close the windows and doors
Thin veils that they are;
Vibrations permeate through
the furniture and floor
the price of government
spending in construction
to stimulate the economy
Y = C + G + I + X - N
It is all about aesthetics
The price of living in a city
Rebuilding buildings
For perma-nice concrete