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Friday, December 12, 2008


My voice has gone.
The sky is total-black,
Starless, without hope.
Dreams are illusory
landmarks of a flat earth.

Everyday is a stride into
normalcy, for me an
endless recovery process.
Getting out of this paralysing
crevice of pain, pain, pain

Meanwhile gnawed away by
My Enemy, pain in its darkest

Ensuing pain. Pockets of light
Slightly but thankfully
alleviate. Hallelujah!
I subsist today and a
tomorrow (maybe).

Will you understand this
pain's grasp on me?
Or do you live idyllic
On a round earth
with mundane ambition.

My eyes are too dry
For welchschmertz,
My dreams I have left
(for now, save faith)
Meanwhile I just want

Release from this gripping pain.