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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


J read my 49 dislikes and felt perturbed that many of his quirks are on that list (cannot find it in my blog archive, not sure where it is). Some of those things matter less to me now that I am less irritable and less angry. I cannot remember what was on that list but I am going to write a fresh one nonetheless. My dislikes are more like stress factors to me, small circumstances and traits about places and people that stress me out.

  1. I don't like sick people coughing, sneezing, sniffing or blowing their nose in public places. I start to feel sick and wish I could Lysol them down.
  2. I don't like taking public transport not only because of germs but because they smell weird and are crowded. People tend to look strange, wearing strange clothes, speaking in strange accents and language, and they tend to jostle into me and come too close such that if I move my arms just the slightest, I will come into - ugh - contact with them.
  3. I don't like purple. It makes me feel sick.
  4. I don't like people who share my table at public eating places to slurp their food. It is absolutely gross. Eat quietly FFS! No wonder no one is having their meal with you such that you have to share my table.
  5. I don't like posers who think they are so glam so cool so hip when all they are are just actors.
  6. I don't like civil servants unless they are my friends already in which case they are the clever exceptions to a profession fraught with stupidity.
  7. I don't like Hong Kong drama serials and other similar Asian soaps - they absolutely make me upset and I could get a panic attack just be persisting at watching any.
  8. I don't like matriarchal Cantonese aunties.
  9. I don't like mainland Chinese. They disgrace they entire Chinese race. I would sooner visit India even though I don't like crowds.
  10. I don't like public speakers who cannot speak proper English. Step off the rostrum and attend some toastmaster's classes please!
  11. I don't like floaty animals in water known as aquatic life. I like to remain at sea level and not under... the thought of having floaty animals near me in the water creeps me out.
  12. I don't like women who cannot even be bothered to put even a sliver of makeup when they go out, work or pleasure inclusive. It's utterly disrespectful for anyone who has to look at them.
  13. I don't like eating leek, spring onion, lady's finger and brinjal.
  14. I don't like replying text messages and answering the phone very much unless it is critical.
  15. I don't like exercising in gyms; outdoors or in my own home is best. Gyms are crowded, unisex, and sweaty...
  16. I don't like watching sports on TV very much except for soccer.
  17. I don't like reading the local newspaper. In my own opinion it is not a complete accurate picture of the world. (To be honest it makes me angry to read or hear from it. I truly, truly believe we need independent journalism in this country but it is not to be.
  18. I don't like fruit such as mangosteen and dragonfruit.
That's about it. I guess I am less irritable now, hence the supposedly shorter list. One day I shall be even more at peace with the world and its smelly public transport receptacles of coughing people...