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Friday, August 29, 2008


The past couple of times I went into a bookstore to find materials for my teaching, I got hijacked by books on sale that I could devour myself. I have ended up taking entire duvet days just reading, and have already finished two books since Tuesday.

I remember when I stepped into Times at Marina Square, which I found after some calls to their office and some hobbling around, heavily laden with shopping, I felt such a surge of comfort. It was like an invisible air curtain that I stepped through at the bookshop's doorway, blowing comfort, safety and relief, telling me that I am in a safe haven now, at my favourite public place.

While bookshop aisles sometimes give me my claustrophobic stomachaches, stores these days are thankfully more spaced out, and a weekday crowd is less menacing, if not inviting for their shared love of books.

I intended, and successfully managed, to get some children's stories for my classes. After paying for them, at which I had happily flaunted my discount card, I got hijacked by the 3 for 2 book displayed, and promptly selected three books to pay for and bring home eagerly.

I am happy that my voracious reading appetite has returned.