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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday I played WoW for almost the whole day. And I mean twenty-four hours of a day. I started at 11am when I awoke. Stopped a few times in between for a quick lunch, exercise, two spa-like showers, dinner. I went to bed at 3am. I actually had symptoms of repetitive stress injury: my left wrist and middle finger ached from the strain of spamming buttons.

The best thing of it is this: I didn't feel sad the entire day. I didn't shed a single tear. I didn't have what my doctor calls 'negative thoughts'. I felt normal. And I laughed a lot from chatting with my friends online. Plus, I actually managed to sustain an activity the whole day. I think it is almost a first for me.

I am happy for my achievement. Event though gaming may seem like a vice - to many girls out there widowed by computer games - it really makes me happy. And it is my gaming friends that make all the difference. I really love them.