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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I am - the
weight of a hot air balloon,
chain at the end of drapes,

jewel in your crown,
weighty, set -
elegance and worth
weightier than you, gold.

I am - a
maker of kings.

I - give you trajectory
with you behind you
away from you even.

give you love,
give you helplessness,

intoxicate you
with charm and the sex
of power, and that of

I am - a
maker of kings;

a sieve you pass through,

a signpost, a bus stop,

a valet a prostitute
so you don't drive alone.

I am - a
maker of kings

and I will die
without royalty in my bed
or a crown on my head.

- my immortality is
in all of them kings.

I am the -
weight they carried
for their worth,
charm they fell in love
jewel in their crowns.