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Monday, May 26, 2008

fight or flight

Apparently you can trick your central nervous system into responding desirably to stress triggers which do not actually kill you.

When I am stressed, I get a pain in my chest, or a headache, or I feel irritable, or I freeze up and can hardly think clearly.

My stress triggers are: people asking me about myself, crowded spaces, complicated things, long hours spent at doing any one thing persistently (church, gaming, reading, talking) even if it is enjoyable.

Now, to complete the equation, I need to learn how to trick myself. Wondering how in itself is making me nervous and short of breath. If only logical thinking alters things permanently.

I am very persistent. But my depression is even more persistent.

Trying to get better is stressful. Mind-control has diminishing returns. I feel negated. But I have said all this before.

I will try to post something more meaningful some time soon. We all have a right to read pleasantries.