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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Supplements I take daily:

1000mg Omega-3
Apart from general well-being, Omega-3 is supposed to aid receptor and neuronal activity in the brain. If you know enough about clinical depression you will probably know that this is good stuff, because there are chemical imbalances and abnormal neurotransmitter activities that need to be treated in the brain of the patient.

1000mg Evening Primrose Oil
For selfish reasons, this one. This is mainly good for skin, which is why I take it if I get an eczema outbreak too. Plus it grows your boobs, useful for me since I did lose a lot of weight recently. But vanity aside, EPO, taken in the mornings, is useful for hormonal balances in women, so that the coming of your monthly period does not give you adverse mood swings. It is also good if you have cramps and such.

300mg Mega Acidophilus per meal
This aids digestive health, much like popping Yakult pills. Useful for indigestion and gastric problems, as well as for constipation. I am not sure on this, but apart from my measly appetite, necessary avoidance of citrus fruits for my asthma, the medications I am on might cause constipation as a side effect. For some reason my gastric health isn't that great lately - I get bloated if I eat too much, I get gastric pains now and then. So this bacterial-boost-in-a-pill helps.

1 cap multi-vit for women
The Gnc brand, if you are wondering which one this is. This is the one that C bought and made me eat religiously. Multivites usually make me fat because they improve appetite and metabolism, but this one doesn't. So I am sticking to it.

1 cap glucosamine if I am exercising that day
I am prone to joint - mainly knee - pains because of my banker days spent standing on heels at weekend roadshows. I usually pop one when I exercise, which is more frequent now.

All these supplements come in huge caplets. Thankfully I am now an expert pill-popper.