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Sunday, March 16, 2008

me and my work habits:

I like to read a lot of business books magazines and online feeds, like really, a lot, just to improve my knowledge base.

And then I like to draw charts plans schedules tasks on paper. That is how I work, I write things down. I type stuff up.

I also like to work with Excel spreadsheets, creating costing workbooks, logs, performance management tables.

I organise my workstation and files extremely neatly, into work and project files, categories, archives and such (although I hardly organise my own blog posts, writings, and personal administration with such meticulous care).

When I am not unwell, I am a workaholic.

Work is very important to me, to the point that I hardly make personal calls, emails, or SMSes during my work day. I don't even like to have MSN while at work unless I actually need it for work. And if I have a major project to rush, I am sorry if it's your Second Uncle's wife's birthday dinner, work is work is work and I am working late means I am working late.

I try to do everything myself until I am about to K.O., or will not be available. I like to delegate because I feel it will benefit the person doing it, and every delegation I see as a favour done unto me, or for their own achievement and development. Even when I am boss. (This probably stems from my 'inability to make demands from people' attitude which is what I need to change). I believe in getting your own feet in the mud if you want your people to get theirs in.

I also keep the problems I am facing at work to myself until such appointed time, which usually is too late, I am already ill from stress, or extremely depressed.

But when I am boss, my weaknesses are that I am impatient, and since I already sound aggressive when I talk normally, I sound more fierce and pissed than I actually am. I also procrastinate on solving problems I cannot solve because I keep things to myself.

Hence I also believe in having someone to think aloud and bounce ideas off with.

I believe very strongly in dressing the part.

And in charming the room. I can talk to anyone and network with everyone. Firm handshakes, warm smiles, eye contact, conversations and namecard exchanging. I also seem to know people that other people know and so on and so forth. (Although when I go to a party I don't want to, I am not necessarily so charming).

I believe loving your work is important.