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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fuck you Charles Darwin

Screw all survival instincts, self-preservative awareness and the idea of natural selection.

Like what I told my Dad once when he cut me deep with his words: "Scan my brain and I will show you that what I have is a sickness, not a choice. I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. Cut my head open and do a brain transplant with a normal person and I will give you a normal daughter! I am sorry I am sick!"

All I want to do is help change this world devoid of love, to save the starfishes beached and dry, is that so wrong... I cry with every child prostitute, murdered journalist, AIDS orphan, abused wife, unemployed slum dweller, drug addict despairing with life... I only wish I could bear their burdens and do something to help make their lives better.

I don't dig natural selection - I want to run to those that evolution will leave behind.

I only wish I had more talent, more skills, more qualifications, more strength, and health, to help me realise my deepest passion of all. So many people who were depressed changed the world. I only wish I could turn my sorrow into joy for those who need it most.

You try to help one person, just one person, that you know, in your local circle of influence - a friend, a child, a loved one. That task alone takes an almost lifetime of prayer and effort. Let alone the whole of povertised Asia - the need is that great.

Choose to be Darwinian about it, and live for yourself. Or choose to make a difference and run towards the regressed and left behind.