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Sunday, March 16, 2008

firsts, lasts, have you evers


thought when waking up today: 'the candle Mom lit in my room last night is still burning'

thing you ate today: coffee-flavoured bread

thing you did today: blow out the candle, turn on the computer, log in WoW

car accident you were involved in: a bus backed into our parked car when I was all alone in it as a kid. I didn't think of pressing the horn at the time...

guy/girl you had a crush on: Christopher/Phyllis

CD you bought: I can remember my first cassette tape, probably the soundtrack of the movie 'Pretty Woman' or a Roxette album

pet you had: Pomeranian doggie called Rocky

dream profession as a kid: lawyer

best friend: Sijian

award you received: Best in English - Primary 1 level, won a $100 book voucher from MPH

sport you played: badminton


person you talked to: Slinky

person you hugged: Slinky!

person you said i love you to: someone I love

thing you ate: cookies

thing you drank: red date tea

thing you said: 'Slinky you are sitting on my chair'

thing you did: read Cassandra's blog where I found this survey...

time you lied: can't remember

time you cried: last night

time you showered: this afternoon

time you got sick: now

time you broke a bone: never

time you got drunk: drunk or high? two different states of being altogether...

song you sang: 'For the cause of Christ, I will lay down my life'

song you listened to: Stellar Digital Music Podcast #23 by Yukun

thing you typed: this

have you ever...

seen a shooting star: yes; Serangoon Gardens 1991, Pulau Ubin 1996

met anyone famous (if so who): not that I bother

prank called someone: yes, as a kid I would dial random numbers from my nanny's house and talk to whoever picked up...

cried for attention: when I was eleven years old and I wanted attention from the cousins I was staying with

had alcohol poisoning: no

wrecked a car: no

threw a fit in public: quarrel, yes

wanted to kill someone: yes

been in the newspaper: yes, Today

cried over nothing: yes

had a crush on a teacher: not MY teachers, but people in the teaching profession...

wished death on someone: yes, TPS

been called a tease: yes

like more than one person at once: how is that possible...

imitated someone: yes, Prabakher from Shantaram

wrote a song for somebody: yes

been to a concert: yes, Air Supply, when I was a kid

snuck out of your house: yes, when I was living in Toa Payoh in the early 80s

cut class: yes

been scared so much you pissed your pants: no

loved someone so much it hurt: yes

faked being dead: yes, out of childhood boredom

failed a class: yes

spoken fluently in another language: what does fluently mean... confidently? or just very well?

gotten lost at the mall: yes

kissed someone of the same sex: what kind of kiss?

gotten a detention: no such thing in the schools I went to

missed the bus: yes

fallen down the stairs: yes, Midlink Plaza. My phone broke into pieces, I ricocheted down the steps, and the guys who saw me completely ignored me...

been in a sped class: like GEP? But I didn't even pass my first streaming exam in 1988...

had a bad hangover: the worst one was when I had red wine with my parents, three bottles between us...

gotten grounded: no

lied about your age: no

got hit by a car: no

not done your H.W. then copied it off someone right before class: yes

shopped online: yes

given money to a homeless person: how do you know they were homeless? I remember giving away a sandwich to two Cambodian border kids in Aranpathet, Thailand...

been on a sports team: only recreational - netball for Citi Olympics!

been so bored you did a survey like this one: yes...