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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pollock, the movie

I just watched Pollock, the movie directed and starring Ed Harris in 2000, about the life of Jackson Pollock.

The saddest moment in the movie was to me, the part when he was so broke and so depressed and he needed to drink so badly, he gave one of his paintings away to the grocer for a crate of beer. Only to fall from his bicycle on his way home from the shop, breaking all the bottles and spilling all the beer on the road. Somehow I strangely feel like I know completely how he felt. To have one desperate, poor material thing left in your life for solace, and yet to have it taken away from you and not be able to blame anyone for that. This scene broke my heart a little.

I felt sad when I saw the first scene of Pollock crying manically, I just felt so wronged, that talent often finds no rightful place in the world, that unique rich individuals that are such genius, often feel so frail and challenged by their finiteness. If only I was also a genius, then I could claim that as my reason for feeling the same way.

Another scene that broke my heart was when he saw an injured dog on the street at night while he was driving. He stopped the car to pick up the dog, and drove it over to the vet, saying desperately, "You gotta save him, he is such a beautiful dog, he is such a beautiful dog." And somehow, I know completely how he felt too.

It is a sad film, but very inspiring. I even watched the special features' section in the DVD.

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