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Monday, October 01, 2007

all the more the truth must be told

For Kenji Nagai

For bringing the truth to your people from places no one dared to go.

For showing the world on behalf the Burmese people that they have been oppressed far too long. That truth in their country has been distorted and untold by their devillish overlords.

For being unrelenting even in the face of danger.

For using the medium of film to plainly tell truth.

For telling us we cannot sit by and do nothing for this world any more.

If you didn't die in the line of fire for this truth, journalism in and about Myanmar might never be revived in its honesty, like it is today.

Democracy might remain hidden and imprisoned for them.

You may be but one person, but you changed the world for moments such as this.

Thank you, Nagai-san.